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Citing statnet

License and source code attribution requirements

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Citing statnet

If you are using the statnet package for research that will be published or otherwise publicly distributed, we request that you acknowledge this with the following citation:

Mark S. Handcock, David R. Hunter, Carter T. Butts, Steven M. Goodreau, and Martina Morris (2003).
statnet: Software tools for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data. URL http://statnetproject.org

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

		title = {statnet: Software tools for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data},
		author = {Mark S. Handcock and David R. Hunter and Carter T. Butts and Steven M. Goodreau and Martina Morris},
		year = {2003},
		address = {Seattle, WA},
		url = {http://statnetproject.org}

Citing the component packages of statnet (e.g., ergm)

To cite the individual packages (e.g., ergm, network, sna, degreenet, latentnet, networksis) please use the information given by their individual citation function calls. For example:


Most packages have additional published materials that review their specific functionality. These can help give readers a sense of the applications for which package was developed. The best cites are below. The references can be found on our Wiki page.

The statnet package is
Copyright (c) 2007

Mark S. Handcock, University of California-Los Angeles
David R. Hunter, Penn State University
Carter T. Butts, University of California-Irvine
Steven M. Goodreau, University of Washington
Martina Morris, University of Washington

The statnet development team

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